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A Bonzer Brit!

Chris Bell is one of our most dedicated followers of Hedonistic Hiking tours in Italy but this year, for the first time, he flew to Australia and joined our hikes on the Great Ocean Walk and in the Victorian Alps. We asked him for his first impressions ....

We loved the way you incorporated two Hedonistic Hiking tours into a month of travelling exploring Victoria and Tasmania.  Would you recommend this approach to other  travellers?

Celebrating local produce

The last weekend in February was party time for Hedonistic Hiking as we hosted our annual long lazy Italian-style lunch in the historic village of Wandiligong, and enjoyed some of the very best ingredients that north east Victoria has to offer.

Mick was at the helm, ably assisted by old friend Brad Wolter, and the menu was a journey through some of our favourite Italian dishes but using ingredients sourced entirely from suppliers close to Bright.

Bush Tucker

Dina and I (Annabel) have worked alongside Mick and Jackie in Italy for many seasons and are accustomed to the high standards which they maintain on their tours. But, this weekend, we were their guests on a two day camping trip high in Victoria's Alpine National Park close to Mount Cobbler and I have to say that we were not disappointed!

Books for Cooks

I have some long-standing favourite recipe books when it comes to Italian cooking but recently I've been reading about three newly published collections of fabulous Italian recipes from three different writers, all of whom live outside of Italy.  Two have Italian heritage but all share an over-riding passion for Italy's food and its flavours.  Reading about their books is leading me into temptation ...

Winter in Venice

I've just been lucky enough to visit Venice in January and savour this amazing city out of season when the number of day-trippers must be at its lowest in the whole year.  It is an experience I can wholly recommend as it's such a pleasure to wander the streets without the usual summer tsunami of tourists.  And it doesn't have to be expensive with many small hotels offering amazing prices in this low season.  We stayed in the cute little Ca D'Oro hotel in the Cannaregio district, with a canal view, for just €55 for

Festive Feasting

Panettone is one of the great Italian Christmas culinary traditions and there could be few Italian households not indulging in this festive cake at this time of year.  But what if you wanted to do something a little different with it? We loved this recipe by Philippa Sibley which was published in the December 2013 edition of Gourmet Traveller.


Our Hedonistic Heroes

As we (that is Jackie and Annabel) were sitting in a restaurant in Parma one evening, we thought how good it would be to recognise some of the people who help to make our Italian walking holidays so much fun.

Cracking the Coffee Code


Magical Mount Buffalo

Very close to our headquarters at Porepunkah in north east Victoria lies the magical Mount Buffalo National Park. It was one of the first National Parks in the region to be established in 1898 and today covers some 31,000 hectares, encompassing the entire granite plateau and the majority of the forested foothills below it.

Three favourite risottos

Risotto is one of the most versatile dishes as it can be made with an unlimited selection of fresh vegetables and herbs, funghi and truffles, nuts, meat, seafood and cheeses and you need hardly ever make the same risotto twice. Ready in just 20 minutes with a little stirring, this is fast food but wholly delicious and nutritious.